Nasal Napalm “Horseradish Extreme”



For our first review, we decided to go with something we purchased in Gatlinburg, TN. We visited the Pepper Palace, as we always do when we visit Gatlinburg, and came across this little jar of horseradish. Only 5oz of this stuff in the jar, but it boasts to pack a punch that will make that 5oz last.
Nasal Napalm “Horseradish Extreme” is a house brand item of Pepper Palace that has actually won some contests in horseradish divisions. The label actually lists 4 warnings:

#1: This is the most powerful horseradish on the planet, and although it will not kill you, it may make you a little crazy!
#2: One tiny spec of this horseradish is all you can handle.
#3: Do not apply to sensitive areas. Do not hold jar directly under nose & smell.
#4: Intentionally concealing the intense aroma & burn of this product to misguide…

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